A few thoughts from a guy named David 

Do you want to enjoy life?

Do you want to have many happy days?

  1. Then avoid saying anything hurtful, and never let a lie come out of your mouth.
  2. Stop doing anything evil, and do good.
  3. Look for peace, and do all you can to help people live peacefully.

I didn’t write those thoughts. A guy named David did. 

He was actually a king. A really impactful one.

  • He did good things. 
  • He did bad things. 
  • He was a leader
  • He was a human
  • He was flawed but also great
  • He sinned just like we all do. 
  • He loved God. 

His words above are common sense and great advice.

My hope is to focus on spending more time on creating a better version of myself and finding the best ways to add value to people.

If you are so inclined to read more – king David actually has a lot of great stuff he wrote including songs. They are in a book called Psalms. This above happens to be from verse 34.

What does it mean to love one another?

Tired and yet not sleepy. Heart full and yet partially burdened. On my mind? My adaptation of 1 John 3…Whether you read on or not – I’m writing this for me. In fact – long or short – most of my posts and quotes are posted by me for me. If they add value to you – then that blesses me even more and brings me joy. 

The question on my heart – 


Whether or not you believe Jesus was God is not the question. The question is what does it truly mean to love one another. He lived – He loved.

That is documented. 

If you love people – or want to be loved – then this post applies to you. 


Jesus didn’t teach us to be the judge of one another, segregate ourselves like dissonant chords, or look down on people that don’t look or think the same way we do. 

You can’t build yourself up by simply propping yourself by standing on top of others. 

You can’t love one person or group of people at the expense of someone else. We’ve got one world. Harmony –> order –> peace –> unity. 


Some people thought (and hoped) that Jesus came to lead a rebellion – to fight the government – to cause an uprising for one group against another. No. No He didn’t. He came to remind us of where we came from and how to get back there again. He came to remind us that we have a mission here to accomplish and that love never fails. It never gives up. He didn’t say “hey – love your one group and forget those other people.” No – he said if someone needs your coat give it to him, if you have never sinned then go ahead and cast a stone upon a sinner, pay your taxes, respect your leaders, live justly, if you thirst come to Him, believe in the way, truth and life, don’t bury your treasures, welcome people into your home and heart, ask and you receive, believe and you live, eat bread and drink of a cup as symbols of a broken body and shed blood – in Remembrance of the truest love ever known. Oh – and when you least expect anything – miracles happen. Daily. 


His love is truly incomprehensible – higher than any mountains and obstacles we try to overcome. It’s stronger than any evil, negative, or discouraging situation that we face. We can’t love like that – but what’s the harm in trying to love better than we do right now?


All Jesus asked us to do was believe in Him and what He taught, to love God with ALL of our heart, soul and mind – and to love each other and to live a life worthy of living and that when we daily fail – it’s ok – because He came to save us from the evils of this world. Forever and ever. 


Sometimes it truly baffles me that some people hate Him so much. Why? What He taught was solid and loving and good. I want to be more like Him. I want to see Him. I want to daily know Him more and be known by Him. 

While you may believe in something different – I believe Christ was sent from God as His son, that He came to bring us closer to Him, that He lived a virtuous, loving and sin-free life, took my burdens and sins upon Himself, died a torturous death more vile than many will ever come close to experiencing – and He will come back again for ME – and for YOU. There is no greater love than that. 


For those who already believe – those who may not know – or those who want to know…keep reading. 

From the beginning – this is the teaching He taught: We MUST love each other.


So many people today are living like Cain. He is a guy who killed his brother. But why did he kill him? His brother was a good person. Cain was filled with darkness. 

So many people today are filled with jealousy, negativity, tension, contemptuous attitudes, pride, hate and divisiveness. These things chip away at people. It’s destructive. 

People who are hurting try to overcome that hurt by hurting other people. What’s the good that comes from that? Nothing

If you don’t like living here – move. If you don’t like our leaders – vote (or run). If you don’t like your neighbor – pull the log out of your own eye long enough to see if who you really don’t like is who you see in the mirror. 


If you want to make the world a better place – take a look at yourself and make a change

(thank you M.J.)


Sometimes when you don’t co-sign with toxic people and their attitudes or poison – and they see you loving them anyway – they just can’t accept it. So, don’t be surprised when the people of this world hate you.


Seek them out anyway. Love anyway. Life here is short. Once we shed the skins of the world and realize that we have a mission here to love and to add value to people, and that it is not for our credit but for God’s glory – we can find a peace that is unexplainable. 


This is serious stuff. Anyone who does not love is still in death.

Anyone who hates is like a murderer. Taking from people with nothing to gain but hurting someone. That’s no way to spend time here planning for Where we are going.  


This is how we know what real love is: Jesus gave HIS life for us. So we should give our lives for each other. Don’t get confused by this – it doesn’t mean to kill yourselves for someone. 


Suppose a believer who is rich enough to have all the necessities (what you need) in life runs across a person who is poor and does not have even basic needs. 

What if this rich person does not help the poor one? Is there a capacity for God’s love to reside in that person’s heart?

You may not be able to help everyone. But you can help someone. Even if that someone is your OWN SELF. 


I have truly struggled lately with trying to understand why some people’s words don’t match their actions. That hurts me. In my reflection time I started to wonder if I am guilty of the same. 

When I’m hurt – I’m sure I hurt–Others. I know I’m not nice or kind to every single person. I do not spend all 24 hours in day to the fullest service of my true purpose. I daily fail. Thankfully and mercifully I accept forgiveness and grace – undeserved and unearned. Just given – through love. 

You have certainly heard the saying actions speak louder than words. This chapter (I believe) is where it comes from in the Bible.

Love – real love – should not be only words and talk. No, our love must be real. We must show our love by the things we do.

That’s how we know we belong to the way of truth. 


Don’t say you’re going to do something and then don’t. Don’t lead a person on to believe in you only to disappoint them or because you have selfish intentions or wrong motives. Don’t hold people hostage to you in your own negativity – even if it’s hard to let them go. Don’t be lazy. Take care of the people you are responsible to. Add value. That’s love. 


How do you find quiet in the noise? Here’s where my peace came while reading this chapter. In verse 20 – it says that when our hearts make us feel guilty, we can still have peace before God, because God is greater than our hearts. He knows everything. For better or worse – the good, bad and ugly. 


I spoil my kids. I give them just about anything they ask for. When they’re good and so precious to me I love giving to them. I also give myself to them when they are not at their best. They’re not perfect. Nor am I. But each day that I have – I want to be with them. 

God knew us before we were formed. He knows everything we have ever done, ever will do and yet still unconditionally loves us. He is infinitely and abundantly more loving to us than we are to Him or to each other. He gives us more – far more – than we deserve or need. 

He wants to be with us – FOREVER – and loves to give us what we ask for (when we don’t ask in selfishness). We receive it because we obey God’s commands and do what pleases Him. 


God doesn’t command that we be perfect or nice every day or do everything right. He does command that we believe in his Son Jesus Christ, and that we love each other. 

We are spirits. We came to this Earth to live in human bodies. We came from somewhere and will go somewhere. Energy cannot dissipate. It is all connected. We were created by God. He dwells within us. He gives us spiritual gifts – not to be squandered or hidden – but to be expressed by adding value to people, shining a light, and making Him known. 


This world is broken. We are broken. 

What the world needs is love – in a world of abundance – love is what there is just too little of. 

Lord may I live with more intention and be more loving, seeking people to love and the while still loving the unlovely. Let Your love shine down brightly and abundantly to all who know you and all who seek to know. Thank you for loving me back. Amen.

24 hours 

24 hours. What do we pack into it?
Do you ever stop to think that in each breath we take, we have the power to choose who we are and who we are becoming?
It may be in small moments such as a phone call, honoring someone else with our time, integrity in what we say, being fully present with and for ourselves (mindfulness) and the focus and care brought into normal, daily tasks.

Have you ever stopped to look around at the people who you choose to have in your life? Do they deposit and add value to you? Or take away from you? Do your relationships cause you to examine yourself, your life and your vision for yourself? 

Do you spend time? Or invest it. 

Do you know or recognize the difference?

Are you making yourself available to be stretched to go outside of comfort zone…by doing something BOLD with your life? Or are you wading through life. 

Maybe this post resonates with you. I wrote it for me too. I fail tremendously – but my focus continues to sharpen on these questions and challenges for my life. 

Lord – I want to live each moment with intention. Please let my faith be greater than a portion of a mustard seed. My prayer is to not let time pass without making a difference in this world. My hope is to not disappoint others – including myself. Please activate in me the full service of my purpose, removing any doubts, questions, or fears. Thank You for goodness, grace, guidance and Your abundant generosity in my life.


Do you ever feel like you are at a tipping point of doing something monumental? Something to potentially save someone’s life or make it significantly better? Like all that you need to make this real is to believe in yourself and abilities? But something stops you. You stand still. Or worse back up. Or just don’t follow what you think you’re supposed to. 

Accountability. Accountability to others carries tremendous pressure but also tremendous honor to breathe your life into others. Hebrews 10:23-25 – Talks about motivating Others to Radical Love and Hope. 

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

Threee things are pointed out there:

  1. Meeting – it’s about relationships with people
  2. Stirring up – not just meeting, but meeting with a purpose. This could be considered “motivation”
  3. Encouraging – it’s not about you, but about adding value to others and lifting them up. This could be considered “strengthening”

Can I say I regularly get together with other people where we think of creative ways to “provoke” one another to show radical love and good deeds? Do I intentionally meet with people I care about to provoke action and thought in setting our minds, hearts, and souls on the coming kingdom of God? What would change if we pursued these sorts of relationships? What would change in me if I did this more?

At the heart of the matter – is the heart. 

What are we even accountable for? The Bible is pretty clear and simple: Love God. Love others as He loves us. Two commandments – yet hard to follow. Imagine the world if these two simple things were followed. 

What causes lack of accountability?

  • Behaviors and habits. It’s easy to lack discipline. It’s easy to spend time scrolling through social media instead of impacting the lives right in front of us. If a friend asks you to pray for them – do you really stop right that moment and do it? If not – why not? We all have distractions and interruptions in life. Yes – It’s easier to take the easy route when things aren’t easy in life. Listen – we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Yet – for many of us we make excuses. We don’t have “time to go to church” for one hour a week. We don’t have time to exercise and eat healthy. We don’t have time to call someone we care about to say “I love you” – or better yet see them face to face. We do have time. Maximizing how we manage our time is a behavioral change. 
  • Motivations, passion and compassion. Be honest. What truly drives and motivates you? What do you daydream about? Where do your thoughts drift? What do you put aside that you shouldn’t? Are you more accountable to others than you are to yourself? Do you do things to truly help others, or is your motivation driven to self?
  • Heart, wants and fears. Do we really and truly want deep and profound change? Do we really want to give up to go up? Do we really want to let God control our lives or do we want to control how we “let God” be in our lives?

My prayer is to stay focused. To be accountable. To surrender my heart, time, and focus on what matters most for eternity. To remember my dependence is on God and that the control isn’t my burden to carry. 

Thank you to my many global friends for reminding me these weeks that life is bigger and more important than outside my own little world. 

Thank You Lord for loving me despite myself and for discernment. Thank You for removing things in my way causing distractions and obstacles, for grace and wisdom, and that although we can’t earn our way into heaven – You have provided us opportunities to show Your love for all people by trying to live more like You did. 

Gifts and Love

2 Timothy 1:7God doesn’t want us to be shy with our gifts. He wants us to be bold, sensible and loving. Your gifts are to be used. One interpretation says 

“like a small flame grows into a fire” (ERV). 

Each one of us does work that God gives us to do. Don’t be jealous of what others have or do. And be thankful when their gifts bless you and continue to give attention to the gifts YOU have. 

1 Cor 12 talks about that there are different ways to serve. That God gives us all different gifts. There are different ways God works in people. What is not different is Him. He’s the same God for everyone. And loves us all the same. The book goes on to describe a body. To be full you need arms, legs, a head, a heart etc. Each part of the body has a specific function and cannot do what the other parts do. Yet when all are working in unison, your body is healthy and fully functioning. We need each other. 

In 1 Cor 3 it talks about one guy who plants a seed (had an idea) and another guy who waters the seed (executed on the idea). 

Who’s more important? Neither. 

It is God who made the seed grow. 

The one who plants and the one who waters have the same purpose and one without the other is futile. 

Words have power in them. They can build you up or destroy you. Be kind with your words. Just because you can say or do whatever you want doesn’t mean it’s right. (1 Cor 10:23). Do what is good for others. 

Do what you love WITH love. (1 Cor 13). If you use your gifts – but with selfish intent, and without love in your heart for others – then you are bankrupt. You gain nothing if you don’t have love in your heart.

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All I know is we’re not home yet

I have to share this story. For the past 16 years one of my most favorite things I do is stage manage AtlantaFest – it’s a Christian music festival. It’s gone through many changes over the years but one thing that doesn’t change is the heart for people and a love for Jesus. We all are broken people. Some more broken than others. We are all here temporarily until we find our ways back home. 
The days and nights are long at a festival. It’s hot outside. Is easy to get dehydrated or feel all kinds of emotions including exhaustion. 

However – there’s a purpose for what we are doing – which is to show God’s love to people. 

There’s so much tension in the world – there are people I love who are turned off from Christ because some people with the label “Christian” forget our job is to shine a light, not judge, love people, love God, and serve well. 

I’m not ashamed to claim my relationship with Jesus Christ – He came for every one of us. Everyone. Thank God (literally) that He came for Me despite myself. 

We can’t pay to get to Heaven. We can’t earn it. Being good will never be “good enough”. We just can never come close to the goodness of God. Yet – He said He created us in His image. 

When you look in the mirror today – regardless of what you “believe” – who do you see? What do you believe about yourself?

Do you know why you’re on Earth? 

Our time is limited. Our days are numbered and yet we don’t know the number. You have a choice to impact this world on the + side or the – side. It’s all about choice. Even hard ones. 

This life isn’t about heaven on Earth. We will have trials. Struggles. Obstacles. There’s a spiritual fight we can’t even comprehend or see. Energy in constant motion visible and invisible. 

The only thing that matters? Grace. It’s a gift. It’s free. You get it and your life transforms. You see things you didn’t see before. You experience things differently. Your life becomes more. 

Well – here’s where this is going 

This morning – I got to the field before anyone else was onsite. I met “John”. I thought he was with a band trying to load in gear. Made sense – he was with the semi driver for The Newsboys. 

Turns out John has had a long journey. He was in the military – has traveled a far distance and not close to where he is trying to be – yet. 

John wasn’t with a band. He needed food, a shower, and somewhere to rest. And a job. John – is homeless. 

We got him what he needed and more. It would have been easy to turn him away. Treat him like he was “less”. Or worse – treat him poorly. 

I’m thankful to the leadership of this event – everyone has hearts and eyes fixed on what is most important – Loving God and loving people. 

Don’t take what you have or who you are for granted. We all have a story. We are all here trying to get home. Maybe you’re wandering. Maybe you feel lost. Maybe you hunger. Maybe you’ve been hurt or are hurting. Maybe even a “Christian” hurt you. Maybe the enemy has tricked you so much that you think God cannot be for you (which is the greatest lie ever told). Maybe you just want some rest and a kind word. Maybe you can give it away too. 

For my faithful friends out there – Say a prayer for “John” today. 

Thank you Lord – for very clearly showing Yourself today and this weekend. 

Please take the time to be still – I’m thinking on these things:

Luke 9 – think about it. Jesus was basically homeless during His ministry. He didn’t have a 4 star hotel to lay His head at night. And yet changed the world forever 

Matthew 7:12 – how would I have wanted to be treated if I had a need today? 

Isaiah 55 – where can you go when you’re thirsty, tired, wandering? What can sustain us?

James 2 – how do we view people who don’t “look like us” or don’t have what we have 

Mark 10:45 – it’s easy to be served. It’s hard to serve someone who is hard to serve. What if you served them anyway? What if you served and someone’s life changes for the better because of your service?

John 3:17 thankful that God didn’t send Jesus to condemn us – but to serve and save us. He died a horrific and despicably violent way – all preplanned. Do we think about that? He laid His life down for people for years to come. We can’t see Him and yet He sees us from the inside out – from yesterday until tomorrow. Thank you Lord for loving me. 

Isaiah 61 – when we’ve lost everything – things don’t matter. There’s abundance and blessings to come. I was homeless after the flood. But my restoration has made me a far better person since. 

Proverbs 21 & 31 – did I do everything I could for “John” today? Am I keeping my eyes open wide to people this weekend who are in need? Do people see God in me? Am I serving Him well?

Lord thank you for discernment, Your gentleness, grace, love, and for loving me so much to give me the chance today to see You more clearly, know You more dearly, and to feel You more nearly. 

If you got this far with my post – God is good to me. All the time. May you be blessed today. God wants to give us far more than we can imagine. We just need trust and faith. I pray I can grow more trustful and faithful each day.

Wildflower or weed. 

I have a garden. There are many different things growing in it and around it. 

Wildflowers are starting to crop up near the garden. Some of them are fascinating and beautiful. Many smell good and even dance in the breeze with soft, delicate petals! The beauty of a wildflower sometimes shrouds the fact that by nature they are wild and cannot always be controlled. They grow and spread without human intervention. 

Wildflower or weed?

Any plant growing profusely where you do not want it to can be termed a weed, whether it shows up in your lawn, in your garden, or among your crops. Some introduced wildflowers invade the habitat of other less-aggressive, naturally occurring plants and radically change the environment. In this way an introduced plant can go beyond becoming a naturalized wildflower and become an invasive weed. Weeds can take over your lawn or garden and are hard to kill. Their roots run deep and choke out life in your plants. 

Tend your garden carefully and beware of destructive weeds disguised as beautiful flowers. 
1 Cor 15:33 says “don’t be fooled. Bad friends will ruin good habits”

How much is your time worth to you?

time is money
Do you take the easy way out and spend more of your time in exchange for temporary things?

Do you waste time by getting nothing in return?

If you are like me, you want to INVEST your time into something that grows…when YOU grow, you make space for so much.

investing timeWe all have choices.

What are you searching for?

  • More happiness? You can experience it.
  • More money? You can earn it.
  • A different job? You can get it.
  • A new relationship? You can create it.
  • More peace? You can find it.

More time? Sorry – it is the one thing you cannot buy more of.

Time is something you can lose, waste, spend, trade, pass, remember, invest, but can never get more of. – Denise R. Russo

Our time is limited. Our expirations dates are not on the carton.

What are you doing with your time that matters?

We all make choices.
Calendar Pages and Clock

  • Is it hard to schedule time to learn something new? Yes.
  • Is it difficult to add just one more thing to your already busy life for you to grow as a person? Yes.
  • Is it easier sometimes to just wade through your day and have nothing to show for it at the end? Yes.
  • Would it be better to live your life with intention, with people you care most about, doing something that gives you joy and contributes something positive to the world? YES!

Most people let time manage them – instead of the reverse.

I have started writing a book with a friend about time and how much it matters. I hope you will like reading it.

running out of timeYou may recognize the white rabbit as a character from Alice in Wonderland (a Disney animated film based on the Lewis Carroll book). He may actually be the reason Alice gets stuck in wonderland. In the story, the rabbit starts out living a peaceful life and follows order of the Queen. He captured Alice’s attention. He doesn’t actually get stressed out until he looks at his watch and realizes he is late “for a very important date”. But important to whom? He is a logical character, and yet, his clock was running 2 days slow. “No time to say hello, goodbye.”

  • Do we live our lives like the rabbit?
  • What captures our attention?
  • Do we hurry through life without stopping to smell roses or appreciate the now? edna mode

It is easy to stay stuck in your past, or be focused so much on your future, that you miss today.

Have you been searching for ways to capture your time, maximize it, invest in it, and become a more fulfilled “you”? Then, please consider a coaching relationship. I am certified – and also have some amazingly smart and brilliant friends who are also coaches. We may have some no-so-secret secrets that may help you!

We all want something in life.

  • What are you willing to exchange for it?
  • What do you not commit to?
  • Do you live your life short term satisfactions or with long term strategies.

“The best long-term approach might be to learn something, to tough it out, to engage with the challenge. Because once you get through this, you’ll be different. Better.” – Seth Godin

Disclaimer: I am a human – all coaches and trainers are (as far as I know!). Most of what coaching is – is bringing out the answers you already have within you. Most of what will bring people happiness is common sense – just not materialized as easily as it should be.

Does this article resonate with you? I’d love to read your comments which you can post here. You can also read more here.


Thank you for ‘taking the time’ to invest in yourself!

What are you waiting for?

David Schwartz, author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”, says 

the progressive business knows that how strong it will be in 5 years depends not on what it does 5 years into the future – but rather on what it does and invests in this year

What do you invest in? If not yourself – why not? Shouldn’t you be a priority?

How to you view time? Do you waste – spend – or invest it?

Why don’t we invest in ourselves? For things to change – we must change. When is the last time you did something for the first time? When is the last time you read a book, or talked to a mentor, or invested in a coach, or mapped out your goals and vision? If you haven’t – why not? Don’t wait. Time is not unlimited. 

William Penn said

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. 

If you have been thinking of investing in your own personal growth and self development, have thought about getting a coach, or just want to have some suggestions for good books – send me a note. 

I’ve spent 15 years teaching leadership development and the last 2 years I have accelerated my own growth more than in the 13 previous years. I’m happy to share with you “how“. 

Mindset. Thinking becomes real. Time is passing.